Clint Barefoot
    Clint Barefoot
    Director, Commercial Strategy

    Clint Barefoot

    Director, Commercial Strategy

    Clint is Validere’s Director, Commercial Strategy. He leads our Solutions Engineering team which specializes in helping our clients understand how Validere solutions can help them meet their strategic objectives and overcome challenges along the way.

    Clint’s diverse career has specialized in combining scientific principles  with emerging technology for multiple successful startup companies.  He has spent most of his 20 year career helping energy companies become more efficient through technology and getting more out big data available from both public and proprietary sources.

    Clint’s additional experience  working with an E&P company and his own energy property acquisition company helps his understanding of how to use big data and technology to help de-risk decisions.  

    Outside of work, Clint enjoys exploring the hill country and spending time on the soccer fields with his two daughters


    Former Head of Product and Sales; Current Strategic Advisor
    Mineral Answers

    Former Senior Director of Consulting and Technical Sales

    Owner, Energy Property Company
    Nonop Investments

    Chesapeake Energy

    Master’s, Geology & Bachelor’s,  Business
    Oklahoma State University


    Energy Tech Innovation
    SaaS Business Models
    Marketplace Dynamics
    Big Data Analytics
    Energy Transition & ESG
    Property Valuation


    AAPG ACE, Co-Author Utilizing Multivariate Statistics to Develop a Graded Acreage Model in the Eagleford
    Forbes, Author When Investing in U.S. Unconventional Oil and Gas Drillers, Consider the Tortoises


    SEG The Niobrara Shale Formation, From Idea to Action in 10 Minutes

    AAPG Mid-Con Area Type Curve Analysis for the SCOOP and STACKs

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